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Thursday - January 27, 2011

Partnership Invites Independent Review

Partnership Invites Independent Review

The panel brought 360 years of combined experience in engineering, water and construction.

Citizens have concerns about paying for necessary water system improvements. Tigard and the City of Lake Oswego are listening.  The Partnership is working to deliver the most value for the dollars spent.

This month partners invited a panel of experts from around the county to review their plans.  

Read more to learn how we are planning a project with value in mind.

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Monday - January 17, 2011

Five Facts You Should Know

The Most Important Things to Know about the Water Partnership

Five Facts You Should Know

  1. Lake Oswego’s water system is old, worn out and undersized. Lake Oswego’s system is at capacity and the City must move immediately to replace, upgrade and upsize key facilities regardless of whether Lake Oswego partners with Tigard.
  2. Tigard needs a secure, reliable drinking water source. For many years, Tigard has been seeking its own water supply, and has considered many options. Through the Partnership, Tigard customers will gain an ownership share of Lake Oswego’s water infrastructure.
  3. Conservation is the first, most important water source – but Tigard and Lake Oswego can’t conserve enough water to delay or resize the project. Aggressive conservation programs will help Lake Oswego’s water system keep up with demand and help Tigard hold down the amount of high-priced water purchased from Portland until new facilities come on-line in 2016. But conservation alone won’t meet future water needs or make up for system deficiencies.
  4. The partnership is good business. It offers significant cost savings for Tigard and Lake Oswego water customers. The Partnership approach is the lowest-cost option – Tigard and Lake Oswego water customers will save millions of dollars. It would cost significantly more for either community to make the necessary changes alone. Now is the time to take advantage of a positive financing climate and low construction costs.
  5. Experts recommend conventional filtration plus ozone. The Partnership will upgrade Lake Oswego’s water treatment process to include one of the best treatment options available today. This technology will ensure the highest quality drinking water year-round, and meet current and anticipated regulations – all at an affordable price.