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Tuesday - November 20, 2012

West Linn Planning Commission Rejects Proposals

November 20, 2012

West Linn Planning Commission Rejects Proposals

The West Linn Planning Commission denied the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership’s proposals to upgrade and modernize its existing water treatment plant and replace pipelines. The Commission based its denial on a criterion in West Linn's community development code which states, "The granting of the proposal will provide for a facility that is consistent with the overall needs of the community."

The Partnership cited numerous West Linn needs that would be addressed by its proposals during its presentation to the Planning Commission.  These included:

  • Nearly $12 million in avoided infrastructure costs for West Linn residents
  • Access to a robust emergency back-up water supply for West Linn residents and businesses
  • Street improvements
  • Replacement of decaying asbestos cement water lines
  • Improvements to Mary S. Young State Park
  • Seismic and safety upgrades capable of withstanding a future 9.0 earthquake
  • Improved neighborhood transportation connectivity

"We are disappointed the Planning Commission did not see the significant value of the improvements we discussed with them, all of which are called for in West Linn’s own plans," Jane Heisler, Project Communications Director said of the Planning Commission's decision. “The Partnership will appeal the decision because water ratepayers in West Linn, Tigard and Lake Oswego will all pay more for their water if the decision stands.”

The Partnership expects its appeal to be heard by the West Linn City Council in January.