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Wednesday - July 31, 2013

Large crane arrives in Gladstone

A 200 ton crane was delivered to the River Intake Pump Station site in Gladstone today.  It's arrival assures a swift start to construction of the new pump station. 

This crane will assist in construction of new supports reaching down to the banks of the Clackamas River and will be an important part of the construction effort. The project welcomes its arrival!

Thursday - July 25, 2013

LO launches work on river pump station

By Kara Hansen Murphey, Portland Tribune

In the news...

The Army Corps of Engineers has issued a permit to Lake Oswego to build a new water pumping system on the Clackamas River, removing the final obstacle to start construction on a facility that will allow the city to share drinking water with Tigard.

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Monday - July 22, 2013

Summertime Water Conservation – Saving Water Saves Money

Summertime is a great time to focus on water conservation. The average customer uses twice as much water in the summer than during other seasons. Wise water use during these months helps on your water bill and leaves more water in the Clackamas River for fish and other wildlife. 

Hot, dry days like those in late June increase demand for water and can push our current system to capacity.  Equipment has to operate more hours per day to keep up with demand.  Our water system is aging and, despite the City’s rigorous maintenance program, this kind of stress can lead to occasional breakdowns. So conserving water during the summer also helps keep the City’s water supply system running for all customers while planned upgrades are being completed. “Conservation is critical now as well as after the new system is online, so we can continue to deliver safe, reliable water to our customers well into the future,” emphasizes Joel Komarek, Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership Project Director. For water saving tips, read more.

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Thursday - July 18, 2013

Lake Oswego City Council authorizes sale of $101 million in bonds for expanded water system

By Victoria Edwards, The Oregonian

In the news...

The Lake Oswego City Council authorized the sale of $101 million in bonds Tuesday to pay for a larger and upgraded water system – a move that marks the transition from years of planning to construction of the city's largest and most expensive infrastructure project.

The council voted 5-2 to approve the sale of the full faith and credit bonds, which will be paid off over the next 25 years with increases in water rates.

Councilors Karen Bowerman and Mike Kehoe voted against the majority.

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Tuesday - July 9, 2013

What would a day without water be like?

Watch our new video about the importance of clean, drinking water to our everyday lives.  Lake Oswego residents answer the question, “What would a day without water be like?”  Watch the video and then tell us what you think.

Tuesday - July 2, 2013

Cities save millions on water plant project

By Geoff Pursinger, The Times

In the news...

The cities of Tigard and Lake Oswego have saved an estimated $4 million in their controversial water system update, after bidding ended last week for contractors to build its new water treatment plant.

On June 27, the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership received a low bid from Stayton general contractor Slayden Construction Group, which announced that it would build the new plant in West Linn for $66.1 million, well below what the two cities had estimated the project would cost.

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Tuesday - July 2, 2013

New Water Treatment Plant Will Provide Cleaner, Better Tasting Water

Hello LO - July 2013

New Water Treatment Plant Will Provide Cleaner, Better Tasting Water

Upgrades to our water treatment plant will begin soon. The new plant will provide important benefits to anyone receiving water from the modernized plant. Beyond more treatment capacity to better meet current and future water needs, ...

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