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Monday - November 23, 2015

The Man from Kosh-huk-shix

Cultural Resources Exhibit in George Rogers Park

A cultural resources exhibit was installed this summer at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego, which was sponsored by the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership.

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, the Partnership invites you to view the video capturing the story behind the sculpture, known as The Man from Kosh-huk-shix, as told by the artist, Travis Stewart. 

(Click here for a full screen version of the video)

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Thursday - November 19, 2015

Tigard to start switching to Lake Oswego-Tigard water as early as this week

In the news...

From the outside, the one-story building on Southwest Milton Court doesn’t look like much.

There’s no obvious main entrance, no sign welcoming visitors. The brick and cement exterior gives no hint to what might be inside.

But standing inside, John Goodrich is all smiles as he looks at the large blue pipe that runs through the middle of the room.

This is where the magic happens.

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Monday - November 16, 2015

Walls continue to take shape for new structures at the treatment plant

Paving on Mapleton Drive – truck traffic increase on Kenthorpe Way

Final paving and roadway restoration on Mapleton Drive, Kenthorpe Way and Old River Road will be conducted by the City of West Linn and its contractors.

Starting this week, the city plans to place a 4-inch base layer of asphalt over the roadway where the raw water pipe was installed on Mapleton Drive, between the east end of the street and the east entrance of the treatment plant. During this work, the existing asphalt will be ground, the roadway prepared and graded, and the new asphalt will be placed. Work is expected to take about 4-5 days to complete.

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Tuesday - November 3, 2015

Partnership Celebrates River Intake and Gladstone Pipeline Milestones at Special Event

On Monday, Nov. 2, the rains held off long enough for Gladstone neighbors, Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership staff, contractors and several elected officials to celebrate the completion of the water pipeline in Gladstone and new river intake pump station along the Clackamas River.

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