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Tuesday - September 20, 2016

WR1 roof construction begins next month

Waluga Reservoir 1 Roof Replacement Construction Update

This summer, design and permitting was completed for the project to replace the roof and columns of the Waluga Reservoir 1 (WR1). The Lake Oswego Council recently awarded Ward Henshaw Construction Company Inc. (Ward Henshaw) the construction contract for the project. Ward Henshaw is the contractor that recently built the new Waluga Reservoir 2.

Construction Starting Soon

Starting next week, crews expect to begin preliminary site activities, to prepare for construction. This includes installing tree protection fencing, erosion control measures and mobilizing equipment to the site. Construction is set to begin in early-mid October and be complete in spring 2017.

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Thursday - September 15, 2016

Imagine a Day Without Water

Tap water is the most important thing in our lives. It provides public health protection, fire suppression, drives our economy and supports the quality of life we enjoy.

Most Americans take water, and the systems that bring it to and from homes and businesses, for granted. We turn on the tap, and safe drinking water reliably comes out. We flush the toilet, and don’t have to think twice about where it goes.

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Friday - September 9, 2016

It’s National Emergency Preparedness Month

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. Experts predict the Pacific Northwest is overdue for a large earthquake, which may severely damage water systems and other infrastructure. As part of the water project, we’ve taken steps to ensure the resiliency of our cities’ drinking water system – our new facilities and major pipelines are designed and constructed to remain functional after a 9.0 magnitude seismic event. However, even with these significant improvements, in the event of a natural disaster, customers may experience a prolonged disruption of water service. Emergency water supply stations would need to be set up at key locations across the city to pass out water to impacted customers. This means we all need to rely on our own resources until help arrives.

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Thursday - August 25, 2016

1,150 concrete piles now installed at the plant!

Water Treatment Plant Construction Update

Information about onsite work is outlined below. Please note, schedules are subject to change.

Ozone system – north of site

All 1,150 auger cast piles are now installed at the plant! That’s more than 10 miles (56,000 linear feet) of 24” holes drilled in the ground and filled with concrete. These deep, concrete piles support all the new structures and pipelines at the site, which keeps the plant protected from major earthquakes.

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Tuesday - August 9, 2016

Plant demolition complete, pile drilling resumes for new ozone system

Water Treatment Plant Construction Update

Information about onsite work is outlined below. Please note, schedules are subject to change.

Demolition - north of site

Good news: the final phase of demolition is complete! Crews are now cleaning up and removing any remaining debris, but are no longer using the hydraulic hammer or the concrete processors (jaws).

Neighbors, thank you for your patience over the past several weeks with the demolition activities. The use of the hydraulic hammer has been very disruptive, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding as they have been working on this final stage of demolition.

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