Thursday - May 23, 2013

Recent and upcoming work in Gladstone

Construction trailer

Construction trailer

Residents in the Glastone area may have seen the construction trailers and fencing that have gone up at the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership’s river intake pump station site at Ames Park and Portland Avenue. 

Over the next few weeks, contractors will continue to prepare the site for the construction process.  This week, crews will be protecting the large fir tree on the site by surrounding it with concrete blocks.

Next week, a large (100 ton) crane will be brought in and erected on the site.  A work bridge will also be constructed. The crane will sit on top of the work bridge, which will allow crews to raise and lower equipment and materials for construction of the cofferdam at a later date.  A stair tower will also be constructed from the staging site down to the water work area to allow crews to access the area. 

Expect to see deliveries to the site, including the crane, work bridge materials and stair tower materials.