Monday - November 4, 2013

Water Treatment Plant Construction Update

The clearwell is being prepared for installation of its dewatering system.

The clearwell is being prepared for installation of its dewatering system.

Last week was a fairly quiet week at the job site, with very little excavation work happening.  In response to a West Linn City Council request, we are reformatting the construction update with a bit more attention to impacts of construction activities, purpose and duration of work. 

The table below describes what is happening this week as well as over the next two weeks.

Ucoming ActivitiesPurpose of WorkPotential ImpactsDuration
Week of October 28
Excavate remainder of clearwell.  Place fabric and crushed rock over bottom surface Fabric/rock provides base for the auger cast pile equipment to work on. Noise/vibration, trucks entering/exiting 2 weeks
Install clearwell dewatering system Keeps water out of clearwell during construction Little/no noise or vibration 1½ weeks
Excavate trench for temporary pipe, install pipe and  backfill Prepare trench and install yard piping Noise, vibration, trucks entering/ exiting 1 week
Install temporary power for decant pump Existing pump is to be removed Little/no noise or vibration 1 week
Halloween – no work after 4pm      
Week of November 4
Continue clearwell work     ½ week
Continue dewatering work     ½ week
Excavate trench, install 48” overflow lines to  easterly lagoons; form & pour encasement slab Provide overflow line for treatment plant. Some noise/vibration may be experienced by easterly neighbors, trucks entering/exiting 1 week
Week of November 11
Construct access road into clearwell for auger cast pile crane Current road into excavation is too steep for a crane to access Noise, vibration, trucks entering/exiting ½ week
Begin drilling auger cast piles in clearwell Auger cast piles will support the clearwell New activity!  Noise, vibration as drill moves across site 4 weeks
Excavate, install temporary piping Temporary piping required to keep plant in service while existing piping is replaced Possible noise/vibration east & north of site 1½ weeks
Install 48” overflow pipe between lagoon and treatment plant including excavation, piling, piping, and concrete encasement. This is part of the permanent plant overflow piping Possible noise/vibration east & north of site 2 weeks
Install augercast pile on east side of site for tower crane foundation.  Build crane’s concrete foundation Provide foundation of tower crane servicing clearwell and east side of site New activity!  Possible noise, vibration as drill moves across site 2 days