Friday - December 13, 2013

Water Treatment Plant Construction Update

Removing the lime silo, assembling the tower crane and drilling piles in the clearwell at the site.

Last week was a busy week at the water treatment plant construction site, with a 150 foot tower crane being assembled; auger cast pile drilling continuing in the clearwell and the lime silo (white cylindrical tower) being removed from site.

With the recent cold snap this week, pile drilling and concrete work has been on hold. Due to the weather delays, crews will be working Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. over the next month. No work will occur on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Years Day.

The table below describes what activities are happening on-site over the next few weeks, the purpose and estimated duration of work.

Upcoming Activities*Purpose of WorkPotential ImpactsEstimated Duration

Week of December 16

1 Drill auger cast piles in clearwell Auger cast piles will support the clearwell Noise, possible vibration as drill moves across bottom of clearwell 4 weeks
2 Excavate finished water pump station in clearwell hole Finished water pump station required to pump water from the plant to pipelines for distribution Noise, vibration east and north of site, trucks entering/exiting site 1 week
3 Excavate trench and install temporary piping to sedimenta-tion basins and filters near lagoons Required to keep plant in service while existing piping is replaced Possible noise, vibration east and north of site 3 weeks
4 Pour concrete for lagoon slab. Begin placing rock and backfilling for lagoons Provide foundation for lagoon Trucks entering/exiting, possible noise east and north of site 1 week
5 Mobilize equipment and materials for demolition activities Trucks entering/exiting 2 weeks
Week of December 23
1 Continue installing temporary piping (see 3 above)
2 Drill auger cast piles for finished water pump station Auger cast piles will support the finished water pump station Noise, possible vibration 1 week
3 Begin placing rock and reinforcing base of the finished water pump station Support finished water pump station Trucks entering/exiting, possible noise/ vibration east and north of site 1 week
Week of December 30
1 Resume drilling auger cast piles for clearwell (see 1 above for week of 12/16)
2 Continue placing rock in finished water pump station (see 3 above for week of 12/23)
3 Begin reinforcing and pouring concrete slab for base of finished water pump station Support finished water pump station Trucks entering/exiting,
possible noise/vibration east and north of site
2 weeks
4 Begin excavating northern half of ballasted flocculation building Prepare site for construction of building Trucks, noise, vibration as excavator moves and loads material 1 week
5 Begin demolition of lime building Remove building and pumps from site Trucks entering/ exiting,
1 week
*Please note, activity duration and schedules may change

We apologize for the inconvenience construction may cause, and thank you for your patience. We wish everyone a lovely holiday season. For more information, please email, call the hotline at 503-697-6502.