Thursday - June 12, 2014

Bonita Pump Station Construction Update

Bonita Pump Station groundbreaking last week!

Groundbreaking event assisted by Learning Tree preschoolers

As elected officials mentioned during the groundbreaking, the new water system is all about future generations. That’s why the Bonita Road Learning Tree “Bumblebees” were on hand to help celebrate the start of construction at the Milton Court site, in Tigard. Check out the fun!

Construction activities over the next few weeks

Roadways and building pads on the site have been excavated and rock has been installed to ensure that dust and debris are not carried onto nearby roads. Activities over the next few weeks include removing invasive grasses around each of the three wetland areas on site and installing an irrigation system to get ready for planting a mix of native grasses, groundcovers, trees and shrubs in October. The goal is to enhance all on-site wetlands, which are part of the Fanno Creek riparian area.

The orange fencing seen on site marks the tree protection areas. Some trees along the future sidewalk, that are outside the tree protection area, will be removed or trimmed this week, to make way for the sidewalk.

Thank you neighbors for your patience as construction progresses.