Friday - July 18, 2014

Water Treatment Plant Construction Update

The thickener equipment for the gravity thickener tank arrived from Salt Lake City this week

This week, crews encased the 48” overflow piping near the chemical building in concrete and began backfilling the trench. The thickener mechanism arrived at the site and will be installed in the gravity thickener tank in the next few weeks. Rebar and in-slab conduit continues to be installed for the chemical and electrical buildings. Walls will soon be complete for the mechanical dewatering building. Crews continue to work on the ballasted flocculation walls and suspended slabs.

The clearwell roof is almost complete! Next week the north side of the clearwell and gravity thickener building will be backfilled, which should take about two weeks. The backfilling activity requires loaders to pick up and place gravel and rock, and then use a rolling vibratory compactor to compress the fill and gravel. This activity has occurred on the site intermittently for other structures over the past few months. Neighbors close to the site on Mapleton Drive and Kenthorpe Way may experience an increase in vibration during this work.

Truck traffic will continue with equipment deliveries and increase during concrete pouring. Work hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more detail about what activities are happening on site, potential impacts and location, please see the table below. We apologize for the inconvenience construction may cause and thank you for your patience as work progresses.

For more information, please contact us

Upcoming Activities*Purpose of WorkPotential ImpactsEstimated Duration

Week of July 21 - 26

1 Begin backfilling the north side of the clearwell Refills excavated area Increase in vibration during backfilling as compactor compresses fill – center of site 2 weeks
2 Continue concrete pouring for ballasted flocculation and solids storage tank Provides covering for the structures and foundation support No anticipated new noise, concrete pouring. Trucks entering/exiting with equipment, formwork. Some intermittent noise from water blasting or sandblasting concrete – south (Mapleton), center and east of site. 3 weeks
3 Continue forming shoring roof support for mechanical dewatering structure Provides foundation to support the mechanical dewatering building No new noise anticipated. Concrete pouring, concrete trucks entering/exiting, intermittent noise from water blasting or sandblasting concrete – northeast of site. 2 weeks
4 Begin backfilling and installing the thickener mechanism for the gravity thickener The gravity thickener will thicken solids removed from the treated water Potential increase in vibration during backfilling – northeast of site. No anticipated new noise during installation of thickener mechanism. 2 weeks
5 Continue installing electrical conduit, rebar and piping; form columns, walls and slabs for electrical building and chemical building, some concrete pouring required Provides electrical wiring for structure & foundation to support structure No anticipated new noise. Trucks entering/exiting with equipment. Concrete pouring, concrete trucks entering/exiting center of site. Some intermittent noise from water blasting or sandblasting concrete –center and east of site. 3 weeks
Week of July 28 - August 2
1 Continue activities from 1 - 5 above
2 Begin water/leak testing the solids storage tank. Cleans and tests new structure No anticipated new noise. Trucks entering/exiting and concrete poured – northeast of site. 2 weeks
3 Begin drilling auger cast piles for finished water pump station, adjacent to the clearwell Auger cast piles will support the finished water pump station Noise, possible vibration as drill moves across the center of the site 1 week
4 Backfill area for Liquid Oxygen storage tank, near the electrical building Refills excavated area Potential increase in vibration during backfilling –center of the site 1 week

*Please note, activity duration and schedules may change