Thursday - August 28, 2014

Bonita Pump Station Construction Update

Rexius Sustainable Solutions applying organic compost at the site.

They are a local company based in Lake Oswego, who have expertise in sustainable solutions that protect the environment.

"Pump cans" will encase the pumps that will deliver clean drinking water for Tigard residents.

Invasive species have been removed from the vegetated corridor around the protected wetland. Last week, organic compost was spread throughout the corridor in preparation for the seeding of native grasses. This week, the corridor was seeded with a native erosion control grass mix that is quick to establish, low-growing and has good root masses for reduced erosion of soil. The native grass mix includes ‘Meadow Barley’ and ‘Native Red Fescue’ (among other native grasses) and has excellent versatility and tolerance for various weather. The native grasses may start to emerge by early next week.

Native Plant Enhancement

In September, once the native grasses have taken root, a variety of native plants selected from the Clean Water Services approved list will be installed. Native plants will include groundcover, shrubs and trees such as Coastal Strawberry, Longleaf Oregon Grape, Oregon Ash, Red Alder, Red Flowering Currant, Snowberry and Western Red Cedar, among others.

Temporary irrigation will remain in place for two years to allow the native vegetation to establish.

Pump Enclosures

Installation of six metal pump enclosures began last week. Temporary safety fencing is being installed around the site today. The enclosures and rebar were set in place and concrete will be poured around them tomorrow and early next week. After these concrete pours, electrical conduit will be installed and pipework will get underway.

Thank you neighbors for your patience as construction progresses.

About Bonita Pump Station

The Bonita Pump Station will connect with several local water systems including Lake Oswego, Portland and Washington County. Collaboration will keep Tigard protected should one water supply become interrupted. Completion is expected in summer, 2015.

For more information, please email, call the hotline at
503-697-6502 or visit the “all work underway” map.