Thursday - August 28, 2014

Water Treatment Plant Construction Update

The gravity thickener mechanism is now installed in the tank. It will thicken river sediments removed from the water.

Auger cast piles are almost complete for phase A of construction. The auger cast pile drill rig will remain on site until new piles are drilled in the parking lot for the new administration building elevator pit in September. Pile drilling will resume in February 2015.

Solids Storage Tank

Water testing of the solids storage tank is now complete. Coatings are now being applied and the area around the tank will be backfilled starting next week. During backfilling, neighbors close to the northeast of the site may experience some vibration.


Preferred Power Feed

Progress continues on the new preferred power feed for the plant. Next week, excavation will resume for the conduit to be placed between the new vaults. This work will take place between the northwest corner of the plant property on Kenthorpe Way to the plant entrance and then to the electrical building near the center of the site. Neighbors close to the site on Kenthorpe Way may experience an increase in noise or potential vibration during the excavation work. While crews work along the roadway near the plant entrance, there will be a single lane closure with flaggers to guide traffic.

Other Construction Activity

Work is continuing on installing 30” – 48” piping across the site. Many deliveries are arriving with mechanical equipment for the ballasted flocculation and solids storage tank, which will be installed over the next month. Concrete pours will continue for the piping, chemical building, finished water pump station and ballasted flocculation. Refer to the current site plan for locations of each structure.
Work hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No work will take place on Labor Day, Monday September 1.
For more detail about what activities are happening on site, potential impacts and location, please see the table below.

Neighborhood Construction Meetings – first and third Tuesday of the month

The next meeting will be held on September 2, at 7:30 a.m. in the downstairs restaurant area at Burgerville, 18350 Willamette Drive, West Linn. Please come along to stay updated on construction progress in West Linn and ask questions of the project team. All meeting materials are posted online under “past meetings and events.” 
Upcoming Activities*Purpose of WorkPotential ImpactsEstimated Duration

Week of September 2-6

1 Begin forming and pouring slabs and walls for finished water pump station  Supports foundation of the structure  No anticipated new noise. Trucks entering/exiting, concrete pouring, crane operating to move forms and equipment – center of site, north of clearwell. 2 weeks
2 Begin installing mechanical equipment (pumps, valves) for the ballasted flocculation and solids storage tank   Provides mechanical operation of the filtration system  No anticipated new noise. Trucks entering/exiting with equipment. Crane operating to install equipment – center of site. 3 weeks
3 Apply coatings to the solids storage tank and backfill around the structure Refills excavated area  Potential vibration as compactor compresses fill – northeast of site. 2 weeks
4 Continue forming and pouring base slabs for chemical building; install masonry and steel for electrical building  Provide foundation and support for structures No anticipated new noise. Trucks entering/exiting with equipment. Concrete pouring, concrete trucks entering/exiting center of site. Some intermittent noise from water blasting concrete –center and east of site. 2 weeks
5 Continue excavating, installing 30” – 48” piping and encasing pipe in concrete Auger cast piles and concrete encasements will support the piping  Noise, possible vibration as excavator moves across the center and east of the site. Trucks entering/exiting, concrete pouring. 2 weeks
6 Continue grouting for floor of the gravity thickener tank . The gravity thickener will thicken river sediments removed from the water No anticipated new noise, concrete pouring. Trucks entering/exiting – east of site 2 weeks
7 Continue forming suspended roof slabs for mechanical dewatering structure Provides covering for the structure No anticipated new noise. Trucks entering/exiting with equipment – northeast of site.  2 weeks
8 Continue excavating and installing preferred power feed for the plant  Supplies power feed for the plant  Noise, possible vibration as excavator digs and moves between center and north of site (along Kenthorpe Way plant entrance). 1 week
Week of September 8 - 13
1 Continue activities from 1 - 7 above

*Please note, activity duration and schedules may change