Friday - October 3, 2014

Gladstone Pipeline and River Intake Construction Update

Exterior scaffolding on the RIPS supports workers installing the architectural metal panels

First pump column installed in RIPS

Placing steel shoring to protect trench

The new water pipeline must carefully cross many existing utilities. The project has worked closely with Gladstone Public Works to make sure that utility conflicts are handled properly.

This update includes construction work in the following areas. Read below for specific information on each location:

  • River Intake Pump Station (RIPS)
  • Microtunnel at Jensen Road pathway
  • Gladstone pipeline work
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) under the Willamette River in Meldrum Bar Park

For the most up to date information on construction and road closures, please visit work underway or contact us.

River Intake Pump Station (RIPS)

Mechanical and electrical work is progressing within the new structure. Crews will continue to install architectural metal panels on the outside of the structure through mid-October. Electricians will continue electrical work both within the structure and under the access bridge. One pump has been installed and the three remaining pumps will be installed through mid-October.

Next week, the large red crane will be removed from the site and replaced with a smaller crane. Please watch for flatbed trucks coming and going (7 in all) to remove pieces of the large crane. The flatbeds will be staged on Portland Avenue near the site, so please watch for flaggers in the area.

Microtunnel at Jensen Road pathway – site preparation and pile installation

Crews have begun installing shoring support for the micro-tunnel shaft at the Jensen Road pathway near River Road. Through mid-October, an auger drill is installing piles that will support the tunneling shaft. Once these are installed, the site will be quiet for a month or so while other pipe work is being completed. A crew will then excavate the trench and place the tunnel boring machine, which will bore a tunnel under River Road, McLoughlin Boulevard and two private properties. Micro-tunneling, which does not require an open cut trench for pipe installation, will help eliminate traffic impacts on McLoughlin Blvd. and River Rd.

Gladstone pipeline work progressing north on Bellevue Avenue toward Exeter Street

This week, crews continued to lay pipe along Bellevue Avenue and crossed the intersection with Clarendon. Crews expect to reach Exeter Street by mid-month, then work west on Exeter to the end of the street.

Please watch for signage directing you safely around all pipeline work. Also, there are large pieces of equipment on the roadway, so please avoid the one block work areas during construction.

Some key information about construction:

  • Traffic detours and temporary closures will be in place, usually one block at a time
  • Equipment and material (e.g., gravel, pipe, etc.) will be stored and parked in the right-of-way
  • No on-street parking in the one block closure zone during construction
  • Expect truck traffic and construction noise during construction

Work hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Horizontal directional drilling under the Willamette River in Meldrum Bar Park

The HDD hole is complete! The site at Meldrum Bar will be vacant for a couple of weeks, while welders and coaters prepare the pipe off-site for pullback.

Pullback” of the pipe is estimated to occur the last week in October, and could take two to three days. Mid-October, prior to pullback, a large barge will arrive near Meldrum Bar Park. The barge will contain 16, 240-foot lengths of pipe that will be welded together on the barge into a 3,800 foot length of pipe. As welding occurs, the pipe string will be fed into the river alongside the shore. Once completed, a drill rig will pull the pipe through the hole under the river, from Meldrum Bar Park to Mary S. Young Park. During this phase, operations must occur round-the-clock, in a continuous fashion, to ensure the hole remains open. More information about schedule and timing will be available later this month.

For more information, please visit the “all work underway” map or contact us.