Friday - December 12, 2014

Gladstone Pipeline and River Intake Construction Update

RIPS work bridge

The work pad was removed last week at the drilling site in Meldrum Bar Park.

This update includes construction work in the following areas. Read more for specific information on each location:

  • River Intake Pump Station (RIPS)
  • Gladstone pipeline work - W. Clackamas Blvd. and Portland Ave.
  • Meldrum Bar Park pipeline work - night work on Meldrum Bar Park Road expected to begin in January

River Intake Pump Station (RIPS)

Electrical work is progressing, as crews continue to pull electrical wires through newly installed conduit. Wall panels should be complete over the next week. Work continues on the new roof, although this is weather dependent.

Crews have begun removing the temporary work decking around the exterior of the structure. Once the work decks are removed, crews will begin removing the work bridge.

The fish screens will be installed once the roof is complete. Startup for pump testing and commissioning is expected to begin in late January.

There will be no work on Christmas Day, Dec. 26, New Years Day or Jan. 2.

Gladstone pipeline work - W. Clackamas Blvd. and Portland Ave.

Yesterday, crews successfully completed the large connection between the new water pipe and existing 27-inch pipe at the intersection of W. Clackamas Blvd. and Portland Ave. Due to the nature of the work, crews were forced to continue until the connection was complete, which was late in the evening. Despite encountering some unexpected issues, the connection was successful and we thank neighbors for their patience during this critical step in construction.

Next week, crews will resume installing the 6-inch waterline for the City of Gladstone along Portland Ave., between Arlington and W. Clackamas, and along W. Clackamas Blvd., between W. Clackamas and Bellevue. During this time, the road will be closed to through traffic. This work requires connections to the existing main as well as new services for some properties. There may be some short water shutoffs required. Any affected properties will be notified by the City of Gladstone.

Once the 6-inch waterline is installed next week, crews will place some temporary paving and relocate most equipment to the staging area in Meldrum Bar Park. Final paving will occur when weather permits, anticipated in spring or summer 2015.

There will be no pipeline work between Dec. 22 and Jan. 2.

Meldrum Bar Park pipeline work - night work on Meldrum Bar Park Road expected to begin in January

In January, crews will begin installing pipe in Meldrum Bar Park. Night work (8 p.m. – 5 a.m.) will occur along Meldrum Bar Park Road, between the river and Dahl Park Road. The pipe will then be installed through the eastern parking lot and continue along Jensen Rd. pathway, which will occur during the day (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.).

Access to the park and boat ramp will remain open during construction. Please watch for flaggers in the work areas. Neighbors and park users can expect to see and hear excavators, loaders, pipe, steel plates, gravel and dump trucks.

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

For more information, please visit the Gladstone construction activities page or “all work underway” map or contact us.