Tuesday - January 6, 2015

Water Treatment Plant Construction and Schedule Update

Mechanical dewatering building was tented last week

Construction is well underway on every component of the Partnership’s new water system and work continues to progress on the eight new structures at the water treatment plant construction site (see below). However, the contractor has recently indicated that the work to upgrade and expand the existing water treatment plant is extended and now forecasts a final completion in early 2017.

We understand an extended construction duration has additional impacts to the neighborhood and we are fully committed to finding ways to minimize these impacts.

This revised schedule incorporates recovery efforts into the unexpected extension, including re-sequencing some major construction activities, working Saturdays, and installing temporary covers over buildings to allow interior work to occur prior to roof installation.

The contractor is projecting that most major construction activities at the water treatment plant will be complete by fall 2016. Final paving and restoration on Mapleton Drive and Kenthorpe Way is estimated to occur in late summer/fall 2016. Between fall 2016 and early 2017, most contractor activities are expected to be low impact in terms of noise, vibration and construction traffic. In general, activities will include finishing electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work, architectural finishes, landscaping, site cleanup, and start up and testing of the new ozone system. This site plan shows the areas where work will occur during the extended period.

Our focus is on completing construction as soon as possible, looking for ways to accelerate the schedule and minimizing the impact on the neighborhood.

More details about the overall program, milestones and schedules are provided in the midway point construction update.

Work occurring on site over the next few weeks includes: 

Finished water pump station and clearwell – south and center of site

Crews are installing structural support, roof joists and mechanical piping for the finished water pump station.

Coating is being applied to the exterior of the clearwell, although this is weather dependent. Once a section is complete, the area around the outside of the clearwell will be backfilled. This is expected to take several weeks to complete, and at times over the next month, will require use of the large vibratory compactor to compress the fill and gravel. Neighbors located close to the site and south of the site on Mapleton Drive can expect an increase in vibration during the fill placement and compaction of the clearwell.

Solids storage building and mechanical dewatering building – northeast of site

Architectural work is progressing well on the solids storage building. Brick veneer is now complete and siding panels are being applied.

The mechanical dewatering building was tented last week (pictured above) to allow exterior coatings and veneer placement. Electricians continue to install conduit, lighting and electrical fixtures through the month.

Ballasted flocculation – center of site

Mechanical equipment continues to be installed within the structure. Roof panels, insulation and framing will begin over the next few weeks. 

Chemical & electrical buildings – center of site

Structural steel and decking are being placed for the chemical building. Architectural work is progressing on the electrical building, including insulation for the roof and wall framing. The electrical and chemical buildings will soon be tented to allow weather barrier coatings to be applied in dry conditions. Once the coating is complete, work will begin on installing the brick veneer.

Miscellaneous work: piping, conduit and vaults – east and center of site

Piping, vault and conduit work continues on the east of the site, near the solids storage tank, and the center of the site, in between the chemical building and ballasted flocculation. Neighbors close to the site may notice an increase in vibration during the excavation and backfilling as part of this work.

For more information, please email us or call the hotline at 503-697-6502.