Friday - January 9, 2015

Waluga Reservoir 2 (WR2) Construction Update

Crews continue to wrap Waluga Reservoir 2 with steel cables to reinforce the walls.

Pipe vaults

Tank Wrapping

Crews continue to wrap the WR2 with steel cables and apply layers of shotcrete (concrete sprayed through a pressurized hose at high velocity) to cover them. The steel cable wrapping adds support, especially during a seismic event, and reinforces the reservoir’s walls. A 10-foot safety zone has been established during the wrapping process and the public is reminded to please avoid the site.

The tank wrapping process is expected to be complete by late next week. The wrapping equipment will be demobilized and moved off site the following week.

Over the next few weeks, crews will continue to work on the pipe vaults that connect the WR2 and the exisiting reservoir (pictured right).

WR2 Roof

After the tank wrapping is complete, the shoring inside the WR2 that has been supporting the dome roof will be removed and moved off site. The crane will be used during this time to haul materials out and away from the reservior.

Saturday Construction Work

Crews at the site will occasionally work Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. until February to chip rock around the existing reservoir near Parkhill Street to install connecting waterlines. Neighbors can expect an increase in noise during this time.

Project information

For the most up to date information about the project, please visit work underway, call the hotline at 503-697-6502 or e-mail us.