Thursday - February 26, 2015

Pipe vault connecting the reservoir to Tigard’s water system almost complete

Pipe vault connecting WR2 to Tigard’s water system.

Cleaning and patching WR2.

Small excavator.

Waluga Reservoir 2 (WR2) Construction Update

Tigard Pipe Vault

Crews continue to work on the pipe vault that connects the WR2 to Tigard’s water system. Structural steel has been installed and, next week, the vault walls will be poured. Afterwards, the walls will be stripped and then painted.


Finishing work is being completed inside the WR2, including some cleaning and final patching. In the coming weeks, the crews will also install ladders on the outside of the reservoir, pipe screens and various metal fixtures.

Parkhill Path

Crews have finished trenching along the Parkhill path installing electrical conduit. The path has had gravel and straw placed on it, and is now open for the next several weeks. Crews will need to temporarily close the area again when pipeline work resumes.

Electrical conduits

Recently, the area around the WR1 was graded using a small excavator after the installation of electrical conduits. This work will continue around both the WR1 and WR2.

Project information

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