Friday - March 27, 2015

Testing and chlorination to begin next month on the new reservoir

Reservoir exterior

Pipe vault

Waluga Reservoir 2 (WR2) Construction Update

Outside the WR2

Crews are busy putting the finishing touches on the exterior of the reservoir. Over the past few weeks, the ladder, handrails and roof vents have all been installed. Lightning protection for the roof will also be installed in early April. Once the weather is consistently warmer and less wet, the exterior of the reservoir will be painted.

Inside the WR2

Inside the reservior, crews have poured the concrete pipe supports and are currently pressure washing, patching and cleaning the interior walls and floor. Testing and chlorination of the reservoir will begin in mid-April.

Waluga Inlet/Outlet Vault

Crews have finished work on the pipe vault that connects the WR1 and WR2. Over the next few weeks, the pipes will be tested and chlorinated to ensure they are ready for use.

Electrical conduits

Electrical conduits continue to be installed around both WR1 and WR2. These will supply power to both reservoirs as well as connect to the reservoir controls. 

Project information

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