Friday - April 10, 2015

Preparations begin for reservoir tank and pipeline testing


Waluga Reservoir 2 (WR2) Construction Update

Pipeline preparation

Crews have finished pressure testing the pipeline connection between the newly installed pipe in Waluga Park and Waluga Reservoir 2 (WR2). Next week, the pipe will be chlorinated and tested for bacteria. These efforts are being done in preparation for the WR2 to be filled for testing at the end of the month. Crews from PGE will also be on site next week to install a power feed to the new WR2.

Inside the WR2

In the next few weeks, the interior of the WR2 will receive a final washdown and cholorination. During the week of April 27, crews will begin filling the WR2 for testing before it’s put into operation. The tank fill will take about a week. After the WR2 passes its testing, it will be painted, depending on the weather, likely early this summer.

Safety Reminder

The WR2 is an active construction site—24 hours a day, seven days a week—and, for your safety, visitors are prohibited from entering this area.

Project information

For the most up to date information about the project, please visit work underway or contact us.