Friday - May 8, 2015

Waluga Reservoir set for chlorination, fill and testing!

Interior of the WR2

Waluga Reservoir 2 (WR2) Construction Update

Reservoir chlorination, fill and testing!

Starting Monday, the interior of the WR2 will receive a final washdown and cholorination. Shortly afterwards, crews will begin filling the WR2 for a week of testing before it is put into operation. After the reservoir passes its testing phase, crews will be on site to paint the exterior. Painting may occur in late May, depending on the weather. Once the WR2 is online, crews will begin making improvements to the interior of the existing WR1.

WR2 site work

Over the next few weeks, crews will be on site completing some miscellaneous electrical work and making preparations for the upcoming work on WR1. Crews will also remove English ivy from around the site as a form of mitigation to protect the reservoirs and future landscaping.

Recent vandalism at the WR2 site

Some of the contractor’s vehicles and equipment were recently vandalized at the construction site, causing several thousand dollars in damage. An incident report has been filed with the Lake Oswego Police Department. The contractor has begun monitoring the site more intensely and the Partnership is asking neighbors to please keep an eye out and report any suspicious activity in the area to the Lake Oswego Police Department.

Project information

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