Friday - October 30, 2015

Crews wrapping up construction on Bonita Road

Bonita Pump Station

This construction update includes all work in Tigard for the project. Read below for specific information on each location:

  • Bonita Pipeline Construction
  • Bonita Pump Station
  • About Bonita Pump Station

Bonita Pipeline Construction

Last week, the portions of Bonita Road where the pipe was installed were repaved. In the next few weeks, the road will be restriped and reflectors will be reinstalled. Crews will then replace the remaining curbs and medians that were removed during construction. Work hours are expected to be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Towards the end of next week, lane closures will be in place between 72nd and 74th Avenues from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. for crews to install several pipe fixtures and reinstall traffic loops into Bonita Road.

The pipeline has passed its testing and is currently undergoing a disinfection process, which should be complete next week. Afterwards, crews will demobilize out of their staging yard off Sequoia Parkway and begin restoring any landscaping and irrigation lines along the alignment that were disturbed or removed during construction.

Bonita Pump Station

Beginning the week of Nov. 9, the pump station will begin its testing process before being put into service! Crews will be onsite to turn pump motors on and run them at various speeds. Most of the site has been restored, and crews will finish up some small, miscellaneous tasks around the pump station over the next several weeks.

About Bonita Pump Station

The Bonita Pump Station will connect with several local water systems including Lake Oswego, Portland and Washington County. This supply collaboration will keep Tigard protected should one water supply become interrupted.

For more information, please email, follow @LOTwater on Twitter, call the hotline at 503-697-6502 or visit the All Work Underway map under construction activities.