Friday - January 22, 2016

Tigard Pipeline Installation Complete, Bonita Pump Station wrapping up!

Bonita Road has been repaved and restored.

The Bonita Pump Station site has been restored and a new gate was installed at the entrance.

Tigard Pipeline and Bonita Pump Station Construction Update

This construction update includes all work in Tigard for the project. Read more for specific information on each location:

  • Bonita Pipeline Construction
  • Bonita Pump Station
  • About Bonita Pump Station

Bonita Pipeline Construction

The new drinking water pipeline has been installed on Bonita Road! The pipeline was disinfected and tested in October 2015, and Bonita Road has been repaved and restored. This work included restriping, replacing curbs, medians and sidewalks, installing ADA ramps, and the reinstallation of traffic loops.

Crews have also cleaned up their staging yard just off Sequoia Parkway, and removed their equipment and materials. Some minor restoration work remains in the parking lots of Paul Schatz Furniture and Atiyeh Bros., however, this is weather dependent.

A special thank you to Tigard neighbors and commuters for their patience during pipeline construction!

Bonita Pump Station

The Bonita Pump Station is substantially complete and operational. In order to bring the pump station completely online, crews will need to reconfigure a portion of Tigard’s water distribution pipelines located near Fanno Creek, next to the Bonita Villa Apartments. Construction will begin in the next couple weeks and take about two to three weeks to complete, however, the work hours are still to be determined. An update about specific working hours and potential traffic impacts will be sent out through a project email update and the Partnership’s social media accounts as soon as they are confirmed.

The pump station site has been restored and the entrance gate has been installed. Over the next few weeks, crews will work on some miscellaneous items inside the pump station, including smaller plumbing connections, and complete some final touches to the roof.

The new water system will be online in early summer after the majority of work has been finished at the water treatment plant in West Linn and the few remaining pipelines are completely installed in West Linn and Lake Oswego!

About Bonita Pump Station

The Bonita Pump Station connects with several local water systems including Lake Oswego, Portland and Washington County. This supply collaboration will keep Tigard protected should one water supply become interrupted.

For more information, please contact us, follow @LOTwater on Twitter or visit the All Work Underway map.