Thursday - March 10, 2016

Waluga Reservoir 1 Roof Replacement

The Waluga Reservoir site, located on Carman Drive in Lake Oswego, now houses two reservoirs – known as Waluga Reservoirs 1 and 2.

Recently, the newly constructed Waluga Reservoir 2 was placed into service, which allowed the existing Waluga Reservoir 1 to be completely drained for planned improvements. While the reservoir was drained, a thorough structural inspection was conducted on the interior and exterior of the tank. The inspection revealed that the wall and floor elements are in excellent condition structurally and seismically. However, it also revealed defects in the tank roof and supporting columns that will require repair as soon as reasonably possible.

The city has developed a plan to replace the roof, and design and land-use permitting is underway. Staff expect design and permitting to be complete by summer 2016. Once this is complete, the bidding process will take place to secure a contractor. Construction is expected to begin fall 2016, and take approximately six months.

We understand this work will impact immediate neighbors. However, the construction will be substantially smaller in scope and duration than WR2’s construction – crews will be performing a specific task to remove and replace the roof on the existing WR1 structure. Although cranes, equipment and trucks will be present, no rock excavation is required.

WR1 is a crucial component to the Partnership’s system to provide drinking water to Tigard and Lake Oswego residents. Both Waluga Reservoirs (1 and 2) work together in tandem to store and provide clean, drinking water for both communities. Once the roof is replaced, WR1 is expected to provide safe, reliable water storage for at least 50 years.

For more information, please view the WR1 roof replacement FAQs, email, call 503-697-6502 or follow @LOTWater on Twitter.