Tuesday - July 5, 2016

Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership's New Water System Now Online

July 5, 2016

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – The Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership, the $254 million project that upgrades and increases system capacity to deliver high-quality drinking water from the Clackamas River to the communities of Lake Oswego and Tigard, has reached a pivotal milestone. With construction of the second of three phases complete, clean, safe, high-quality drinking water is now being delivered to homes and businesses in Lake Oswego and the Tigard Water Service Area.

With six new filters in service at the upgraded water treatment facility, more than thirty-two (32) million gallons of water a day can be treated and delivered to Lake Oswego and Tigard customers using a new, advanced treatment system and network of pipes, pump stations and reservoirs. This milestone caps years of planning and almost three years of construction, on an endeavor that is both Tigard and Lake Oswego’s largest public works project in their cities’ history.

“This complex project has been a huge undertaking, and we appreciate the patience and understanding of all residents whose lives have been disrupted by this vital project,” said Joel Komarek, Partnership project director. “After years of hard work by many dedicated people, we can celebrate meeting our goal to provide a new water supply to our partner Tigard by July 1, 2016.”

The new water supply system replaces aging, vulnerable, at-capacity infrastructure with a cutting-edge system designed to the highest seismic resiliency standards. The new system also enhances emergency water supply reliability regionally by providing access to Lake Oswego’s and Tigard’s combined storage as well as other supply sources.

“For the first time in the City’s history, Tigard now owns and controls its own high-quality water supply, no longer purchasing water from the City of Portland,” said John Cook, Tigard Mayor. “This investment in ownership will greatly benefit future generations of our citizens.”

“This summer marks the beginning of our two communities owning and embracing a new, resilient and state-of-the art shared water system,” said Kent Studebaker, Lake Oswego Mayor. “That is something we are extremely proud of.”

In the spring of 2016, construction was completed on more than ten miles of large diameter water pipe that was installed under and through four communities, including under the Willamette River and under the Interstate 5 freeway. The new raw (untreated) water pipe was placed in service in late 2015, pumping water from a new intake on the Clackamas River to a new treatment facility in West Linn. The new eight-mile-long finished (treated) water pipe was placed in service in spring 2016, delivering clean drinking water from the treatment facility to the Waluga Reservoir complex in Lake Oswego. These reservoirs supply water to Lake Oswego customers and Tigard’s new Bonita Pump Station. From there, water is pumped to homes and businesses in the Tigard Water Service Area.

Construction is now in its final phase at the water treatment plant, including demolition of the administration building and filters, installation of the ozone treatment process and final site restoration and landscaping. The project is on track to be complete within budget in early 2017.

For more information about the project, email lotwater@ci.oswego.or.us or call 503-697-6502.