Conserve Water to Beat the Peak

"Beat the Peak" is a summer water conservation campaign aimed at reducing summer water use. On hot summer days, key water facilities run at full capacity to keep up with demand. Keeping water use under 12 million gallons a day keeps more water in the Clackamas River and ensures reliable water service.  Conservation also saves money.

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Data collection began on July 1, 2012.

 Lake Oswego - Water Use

Water Demand High Temperature  Conservation Goal (12 milion gallons/day)

 Tigard - Water Use

Top Three Ways to Beat the Peak


One Inch Per Week

One inch of water is all lawns need to stay green and healthy. Measure yourself or pick up your free lawn water gauge from Lake Oswego City Hall (380 A Ave., 3rd Floor) or Tigard Public Works (8777 SW Burnham St.) and start saving today.


Maintain Your System

Inspect your overall irrigation system for leaks, broken lines or blockage. A well maintained system will save you money, water and time.


Water Wisely

Add a shut-off nozzle to your garden hose and save about 5-7 gallons each minute your hose is on. Every gallon saved helps Beat the Peak!

Other ways to Beat the Peak