Clackamas River Intake

Lake Oswego’s river intake, also known as the “raw water pump station”, was constructed in 1968, expanded in 1980, and upgraded in 2002.  The facility pumps untreated “raw” water from the Clackamas River to a water treatment plant in West Linn.  From there, treated drinking water is delivered to Lake Oswego residents.

The existing facility has some serious problems:

  • The structure’s concrete floor is decaying and would be costly to repair.
  • Pumps are decades old and suffer from chronic mechanical problems and breakdowns.
  • Electrical and motor cooling systems are inadequate and cannot be upgraded within the existing structure.
  • Reliable pump capacity is only 12 million gallons per day.  Over the past decade, Lake Oswego’s summer peak day demand has regularly exceeded this limit.

Given these problems, upgrading and expanding the existing water intake facility is not a viable option.

A New River Intake Pump Station Under Construction

A new Clackamas River intake pump station, at the western edge of Chief Charles Ames Park, was approved by the Gladstone Planning Commission in 2011. Construction began in June 2013.

The new fish friendly water pump station will deliver water from the Clackamas River to the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership’s water treatment plant in West Linn. The new facility will have the capacity to pump up to 38 million gallons per day (mgd) to serve Tigard and Lake Oswego customers, up from the 16 mgd capacity of the current facility. The new facility has a residential-looking façade, improved fencing, high quality building materials, a drinking fountain and native landscaping. It will be constructed just east of the existing pump station.

The existing facility will be removed. The raw water pipeline that carries untreated water from the intake facility to the water treatment plant in West Linn will also be replaced.

Existing Pump Station
New Design
Existing River Intake Facility New River Intake Design

Project Update

In this video, City of Gladstone Public Works Supervisor, Scott Tabor, explains the benefits that Gladstone will receive by coordinating with the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership team.

Additional Information:

  • May 2013 Meet the Contractor Summary
  • Frequently Asked Question about RIP Construction Handout

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Field Updates

Thursday - April 3, 2014

River Intake Construction Update

Crews prepare for the next stage of forming struts and decking

Crews are continuing to install forms and struts for the deck along the land side of the pump station at elevation 44.5. The concrete pour will occur early next week. Once the concrete is cured, walls and rebar will be installed and concrete will be poured to bring the structure up to the 56 foot level, which will be close to the level of the existing river intake entryway.

Neighbors may notice an increase in noise and truck traffic during the concrete pour. Contractor work hours are now 8 to 10 hours per day and work may occur on Saturdays as well.

We apologize for the inconvenience this work may cause and thank you for your patience as construction progresses.

For more information, please contact the Project Hotline at 503-697-6502, or contact us.

Friday - March 21, 2014

Bids for Water Pipeline Bring Savings for Partnership

On March 20, 2014, the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership received bids from five of six, prequalified general contractors for construction of over six miles of pipeline in Gladstone, West Linn and Lake Oswego. Bidders had the option of bidding on a bundle of three pipeline runs and/or, a separate, fourth pipe run.

A responsive low bid was submitted in each category. Frank Coluccio Construction, Seattle, Washington, is the apparent low bidder for 2.84 miles of pipeline in Gladstone and on Mapleton Drive in West Linn, including a tunneled .75 mile section of pipeline under the Willamette River.

Emery and Sons Construction of Salem, OR, is the apparent low bidder on the remaining 3.18 miles of pipeline along Highway 43 from Mapleton Drive in West Linn to Erickson and McVey Streets in Lake Oswego.

At $42,863,303, bids on these pipeline packages fall below the $45,020,000 program cost estimate for these elements.


Friday - March 14, 2014

River Intake Construction Update

Crews prepare for the next stage of forming struts and decking

Crews prepare for the next stage of forming struts and decking

Due to high water in the Clackamas River, work to stabilize the cofferdam and clean up the flooded area between the cofferdam interior and exterior of the new intake structure has been delayed. This work should be complete next week.

Crews are continuing to prepare supports and scaffolding for the next stage of forming the pump station floor decking. Once the cofferdam cleanup is complete, a concrete pour will occur for the interior struts of the intake.