Gladstone Construction Activities

Pulling the pipe through the pre-drilled tunnel under the Willamette River
Placing pipe in the Meldrum Bar Park parking lot
Existing intake and new intake
New pumps and motors at the intake
Forming new curbs on Bellevue Avenue

Latest Construction News

Latest Construction News

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About the Project

Two major Partnership projects are in the City of Gladstone. The largest is the River Intake Pump Station (RIPS) near Charles Ames Park, on the northern bank of the Clackamas River.

A water pipeline has been replaced between the RIPS and Meldrum Bar Park where crews tunneled under the Willamette River, taking the pipe through West Linn to the Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

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Map of Work

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River Intake Pump Station (RIPS)


Pipeline (RIPS to Willamette River)


Pipeline (River Crossing to West Linn)


River Intake Pump Station

Previous Pump Station

Previous River Intake Facility

New River Intake Design

New River Intake Design

Lake Oswego's previous river intake pump station (RIPS) was constructed in 1968. The facility pumped untreated "raw" water from the river to the water treatment plant in West Linn. Although the intake was expanded in 1980 and upgraded in 2002, it had serious structural problems, was undersized to reliably serve peak water demand and could not be upgraded within the existing structure. A new river intake pump station has been constructed just upstream of the previous pump station.


Construction began in August 2013 on the new seismically resilient intake. The new pump station is now in operation, pumping water to the treatment plant in West Linn. The previous facility was removed in summer 2015 and final landscaping installed in fall 2015.

The new fish-friendly water pump station has the capacity to pump up to 38 million gallons of water per day (mgd), an increase from the 16 mgd capacity of the previous intake.

The new facility is designed with a residential-looking façade, improved fencing, high quality building materials and native landscaping.

Benefits to Gladstone

  • New public drinking fountain at the new RIPS
  • New landscaping (trees and shrubs) in Cross Park
  • Invasive species removal in Cross Park

Trench construction

Example of trench construction


Currently, water collected from the Clackamas River travels through approximately 14,000 feet of pipe from Gladstone, under the Willamette River, to the water treatment plant in West Linn. The existing pipe is 27 inches in diameter and has been in operation for more than 45 years.

A new 48-inch water pipeline was constructed to connect the river intake with the water treatment plant.

The Partnership installed a 48-inch diameter pipe under the roadway from the river intake, down W. Clackamas Drive, Bellevue Avenue, W. Exeter Street, across 99E and through Meldrum Bar Park. A 36-inch pipe, recently tunneled under the Willamette River, continues the pipeline into West Linn, where the treatment plant is located. Construction of the new water pipeline through Gladstone began in July 2014 and was complete in late summer 2015.

Benefits to Gladstone

  • Waterline replacement coordination with the City of Gladstone's Public Works Department
  • New storm drain catch basins on Bellevue Avenue
  • New pavement, base rock and curbs for full street width along the pipeline alignment on Bellevue Avenue
  • New pavement on at least half of the street width on all impacted streets
  • New pavement in boat ramp parking area and ball field parking area in Meldrum Bar Park

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