Lake Oswego Water Treatment Plant

Facility Description

The City of Lake Oswego has operated a drinking water treatment plant in West Linn’s Robinwood neighborhood since 1968. The Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership plans to upgrade and expand the treatment plant, located between Kenthorpe Way and Mapleton Drive, to meet current and future drinking water needs. The upgraded plant will supply Lake Oswego and Tigard, and will continue to serve as West Linn’s sole source of emergency and backup water supply.

History of the Water Treatment Plant

Built in 1968, Lake Oswego’s water treatment plant was originally located in unincorporated Clackamas County. The area was later annexed by West Linn. Through its 44-year history the plant has earned a reputation as a good neighbor. The City of West Linn has approved land use applications for upgrades and expansions three times since the plant was built.

It is not uncommon for wastewater and water treatment plants to be located in residential areas. South Fork Water Board’s treatment plant – jointly owned by West Linn and Oregon City – is located in Oregon City’s Park Place neighborhood. Extensive upgrading, expansion and treatment modifications have occurred there over the past several years to serve the two communities.

Water Treatment Plant – Good Neighbor Plan

Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership began discussions with the Robinwood Neighborhood Association in early 2010, sharing details of the water treatment plant expansion, listening to suggestions, and finding ways for the upgraded water plant to continue to be a good neighbor. Two years later, the Partnership has met with Robinwood neighbors more than 20 times, developing a Good Neighbor Plan (pdf, 308 kb) that contains the Partnership’s commitments for design–construction–operations of the new facility. Neighborhood input played a big role in design concepts with the addition of numerous plant layout changes and amenities requested by neighbors.

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Additional Information

You can find regular updates on the Work Underway page.

Field Updates

Friday - November 20, 2015

Small sewer relocation set to begin Nov. 30 on Mapleton Drive

This update includes information about the following topics. Read more for specific information on each topic:

  • Mapleton Drive pipeline – finished (treated) water pipe installation continues, sewer line relocation to begin after Thanksgiving
  • Mapleton Drive raw water pipe paving – taking place today
  • Neighborhood construction meetings - next meeting Dec. 1 at 7:30 a.m.

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Thursday - November 19, 2015

Holiday Work Hours in West Linn

There are two different contractors currently working on the project in West Linn. Both the water treatment plant contractor (Slayden) and Mapleton Drive pipeline contractor (Coluccio) are working different schedules over the holiday period. Each contractor's anticipated holiday schedule is listed below.

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Monday - November 16, 2015

Walls continue to take shape for new structures at the treatment plant

Wall forms are installed for the washwater recovery basin (foreground). The filters are taking shape in the background, along with the administration building shown on the left.

Paving on Mapleton Drive – truck traffic increase on Kenthorpe Way

Final paving and roadway restoration on Mapleton Drive, Kenthorpe Way and Old River Road will be conducted by the City of West Linn and its contractors.

Starting this week, the city plans to place a 4-inch base layer of asphalt over the roadway where the raw water pipe was installed on Mapleton Drive, between the east end of the street and the east entrance of the treatment plant. During this work, the existing asphalt will be ground, the roadway prepared and graded, and the new asphalt will be placed. Work is expected to take about 4-5 days to complete.

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