Waluga Reservoir 1

The Waluga Reservoir site is located on Carman Drive in Lake Oswego and houses two reservoirs – known as Waluga Reservoirs 1 and 2. Waluga Reservoir 1 was built between 1980 and 1982 and has a capacity of 4 million gallons. It is a crucial component of the Partnership’s system to provide drinking water to Tigard and Lake Oswego residents. Both Waluga Reservoirs (1 and 2) work together in tandem to store and provide clean, drinking water for both communities.

In late 2015, the newly constructed Waluga Reservoir 2 was placed online, which allowed the existing Waluga Reservoir 1 to be completely drained for some planned improvements. While the reservoir was drained, a thorough structural inspection was conducted of the interior and exterior of the tank. The inspection discovered defects in the tank roof and supporting columns. The walls and floors are in excellent condition, but the roof system required replacement as soon as reasonably possible.


In 2016, the Partnership developed and implemented a plan to replace the roof and the supporting columns. Construction began in fall 2016 and was complete in spring 2017.

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